Scaffolding Terminology: Key Terms To Understand

Any time you are using some form of construction equipment, it is best if you are familiar with the language associated with that equipment. Whether you are taking instructions from a rental service professional who is explaining the equipment or reading the directions, knowledge is the key to staying safe. This is especially true with rented scaffolding equipment. Check out this short list of terms that may come up when you rent scaffolding equipment and the definitions you should know before you get started using the equipment on a job or project site.

3 Important Care Steps For Mechanical Milling Machines

Mechanical milling machines play an important part in shaping different materials. They can only work correctly, though, if they’re properly maintained over the years. If you have one of these machines and want to protect your investment, be sure to take these care steps.  Clean After Every Use Every time you use a mechanical milling machine, it needs to be cleaned thoroughly. Otherwise, debris will collect over time and wear down parts prematurely.