Useful Features To Have In A Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

Fire extinguishers are a vitally important safety device to have in any commercial building. The presence of one of these devices, paired with the quick thinking of an individual, may be the difference between a minor incident and a major fire that causes injuries. When you're equipping your building with fire extinguishers, you should also think about fire extinguisher cabinets. These are specialized cabinets that mount to the walls and hold your fire extinguishers. There are lots of these cabinets on the market, so you'll want to assess your options and choose a design that offers the best features. Here are three important features to have in a fire extinguisher cabinet.

Enhanced Visibility

When you look at a selection of these cabinets, it can quickly become apparent to you that their level of visibility can vary. Some of these cabinets are white, which doesn't really help them to stand out from afar — especially when they're mounted to a white wall. Other cabinets are bright red, which makes them a lot more easy to spot. You'll even see red cabinets that have white wording that reads, "FIRE" on the side, further improving the visibility. The more visible your cabinets, the easier people will notice them in the event of a fire.

Breakable Glass

You'll also see fire extinguisher cabinets that are locked but have breakable glass on their door. This type of cabinet comes with a metal hammer that hangs from the cabinet on a short length of chain and is designed to help someone break the glass in an emergency. The breakable glass design limits mischief with your fire extinguishers. A cabinet that doesn't lock allows someone to open the door and remove the extinguisher, even if there's not an emergency. In the event of an emergency, you want the extinguishers to be in place for people to use. A locking cabinet with a breakable pane of glass makes this more likely.

Rounded Corners

It might sound simple, but a fire extinguisher cabinet that has rounded corners can be a better option than one that has sharp corners. Your cabinets will stick out several inches from the wall, in most cases, which means that people in crowded hallways might occasionally bump into them. Making contact with a cabinet that has rounded corners is far less likely to result in an injury than making contact with a cabinet that has sharp corners.

For more information on fire extinguisher cabinets, contact a professional near you.