Heavy Equipment Hauling—Transportation Tips For Construction Machines

If you work construction, heavy equipment hauling is often needed to transport large machines to target construction sites. For instance, you may need to get a bulldozer to a new worksite. You may be in charge of hauling it and, if so, here are some suggestions to remember. 

Select a Flatbed Trailer 

Construction machines are often big and because of that fact, it's a good idea to use a flatbed trailer for heavy equipment hauling. It has an open design and can subsequently support machines that are massive in size. Just take your time assessing the heavy equipment hauled from one site to another. Find out its size and weight figures to order a flatbed trailer that accommodates these specs perfectly. Additionally, ensure the flatbed trailer has a rugged design and holds up well to whatever transportation operations you have in mind for heavy-duty construction equipment. 

Hire a Seasoned Driver 

You must remember that heavy equipment hauling often involves a lot of weight and size for the vehicles involved. Thus, take your time to hire a seasoned driver who can manage hauling smoothly the entire time. Look for ample experience, a clean driving record, and familiarity with the heavy-duty machinery you plan to haul. You can then expect a refined process with how they secure equipment to the trailer and navigate the large load around different environments.  

Carefully Inspect the Trailer Before Taking Off 

Whatever flatbed trailer you rent or buy for heavy equipment hauling, inspect it thoroughly before taking off. It's imperative the trailer is in perfect condition to keep accidents at bay. You can perform the inspection yourself or hire a professional company. Either way, look at significant aspects of the trailer—including the wheels, frame, and top surface. If there aren't any issues with the trailer, you can move on with heavy equipment hauling. Conversely, if you discover trailer problems, repair them before loading heavy construction equipment. It's better to err on the side of caution with these adjustments so that you don't put yourself or others at risk.

Heavy equipment hauling is something every construction company has to deal with at some point. If you use the right trailer, make sure it's in excellent condition and let an experienced driver navigate it, so costly obstacles won't be something your company faces at any point during transportation. It will instead play out the way it's supposed to each time.  

Contact a local heavy equipment hauling service to learn more.