Why Has Your Forklift's Mast Stopped Working?

Forklift masts should go up and down smoothly and efficiently. Sometimes, problems with the mast or the forklift itself affect this operation, and your mast might simply refuse to move. What are the causes of a stuck forklift mast?

Hydraulic Problems

If your forklift has a hydraulic system, then it uses fluids to move its mast up and down. The system needs the right amount of fluid to work. If your levels are low, then the mast doesn't get the power it needs to move smoothly. If your levels are really low, then it won't move at all.

If your hydraulic fluid has simply dissipated with use over time, then you can try topping it up to see if this solves your problem. However, this won't give you a permanent fix if you have a fluid leak. The mast will stop working in the future once its fluid runs out again.

If your levels look low, and refilling the system doesn't work, then you probably have a leak in a hose or in your hydraulic cylinder. If your levels look OK, you might have a contamination problem. For example, air might have gotten into the fluid and prevented it from working correctly.

In these cases, you should call in a forklift service repair specialist. They can deal with contaminated fluid, replace a broken hose, or service the cylinder to get the mast working consistently again.

Dirt and Debris Problems

Sometimes, forklift masts stop working because dirt or small pieces of debris have gotten into the wrong places. These foreign bodies can affect the mast's power supply and how it runs in its channels.

For example, if you have a dirty filter in your forklift's system, then your mast might stop working. If a filter is too dirty to allow hydraulic fluids to run through the system smoothly, then your mast won't have enough of a fluid supply to move up and down.

A dirty filter can also make your machine overheat. It might shut down key operations, such as mast movements, so that it can cool down and protect itself.

Alternatively, dirt might have gotten into the mast's channels. If something gets in these channels, then they can become blocked. Your mast can't move if something is in its way.

If you can't fix your mast yourself, say by topping up its hydraulic fluid or cleaning out obvious dirt or blockage problems, then you need a professional repair. Contact forklift service repair specialists for more help. 

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