4 Tractor Parts Every Farmer Should Pay Close Attention To

As a farmer and player in the agricultural sector, you understand how essential a tractor is to your operations. It doesn't matter how big your project is; whether you are working on a regular lawn or tilling vast swaths of land, tractors always come in handy. These machines' versatility, durability, and robust performance make them one of the best long-term investments. However, like other machines, tractors are susceptible to wear and tear. As a result, expect to repair and replace numerous parts. Some of the vital tractor parts you need to know, maintain, repair, or replace accordingly are listed below.


Tractors use tires that are different from those designed for standard vehicles. The main reason being these machines have bigger rear wheels that require bigger tires. Keep in mind that the front wheels are much smaller. If you need tractor tires, seek professional advice first because several different types are available, including turf tires, industrial tires, and field tires. Either way, since you are likely to expose them to harsh conditions, buy from a reputable tractor parts company whenever you notice deteriorated tread depth, constant air leaks, or exposed belts and body plies.


From dry tractor brakes such as drum and disc brakes to wet tractor brakes that rely on hydraulic pressure and multiple discs, the types of brakes used by tractors are many and varied. However, all of them share a few common problems that become more prevalent with constant use. These include imbalanced stopping force and fluid leaks. Whichever problem your tractor brakes have, if it's pronounced enough, replacing them is crucial for the driver's safety and the overall performance of your equipment.


If you look closely at your tractor, you'll see a component located close to the rear wheels, designed to support the attachment of implements like plows. That part is known as a hitch. Most tractors come with a 3-point hitch, which has three movable arms. This type of hitch is often affected by issues like failing to go up, constant falling, and failure to lower once you've raised it. Since your tractor can only work if implements have been appropriately attached to a functional hitch, you should consider getting replacements from a tractor parts vendor once yours shows signs of deteriorating performance.


Some tractors have heavy steel bars attached to the rear, known as drawbars. These components are specially designed to keep pull forces from exceeding the recommended center of gravity. Generally, a drawbar is similar to the hitch since its primary role is to enable the tractor to haul implements like reapers, cultivators, and harrows. For that reason, keep an eye on it for signs of extensive damage. If you notice any, find a replacement from a supplier with top-quality tractor parts.