The Benefits of Using Sucker Rod Guides With Your Well Pump

Anyone that's ever worked with an oil well pump knows that the steel rods within the well are a critical part of the machinery. Those "sucker rods" as they are called by those within the industry, do a lot of work when it comes to bringing surface components together with those further down into the well. While your steel rods can last for many years with proper use and care, today, more and more oil pumping firms are turning to sucker rod guides for additional protection. Here's why you might want to start using steel rod (or sucker rod) guides with your oil well pump.

Reduce Metal on Metal Contact to Reduce Wear and Tear 

As your steel or sucker rods move up and down within the oil pump apparatus, they will be moving alongside your piston pump and other metal machinery. Proper lubrication can go a long way towards reducing metal contact, but it's still possible that your steel rods or the pistons will pick up some wear and tear over time. By installing sucker rod guides, you will encourage the steel rods to always follow the same path as they move up and down, hopefully without making too much contact with your other metal parts throughout the pump.

Sucker Rods with a Little Extra Guidance Will Run More Efficiently

When sucker rods do not have proper guides installed, their motion is not as efficient as it could be. The immense power of the well pump could cause the rods to rattle a bit and this will reduce efficiency as well as leading to that additional wear and tear that was just mentioned. Sucker rod guides ensure your rods will maintain the same motion with each thrust, reducing or eliminating any inefficient motions that could slow your operation down.

Guides Can Keep the Rods Under Control If Something Goes Wrong

In the event your oil well pump suffers a malfunction, the sucker rod guides could serve another purpose. They could help keep a steel rod firmly in place as it moves instead of getting so far out of alignment that it breaks off and causes damage to the oil well pump or someone out on the surface.

An oil well pump is of course a complex device with a lot of moving parts. But your sucker rods play almost as much of a critical role as the pistons when it comes to bringing it all together. Contact an expert today about sucker role guides for more information.