How Light Duty Plastic Sheeting Can Be Useful Around Your Home

There are a lot of things a homeowner may need some light-duty plastic sheeting for around the house. While some may be things you have thought of, there are uses that you may not have considered but can be helpful.

Protection During Painting

Light-weight plastic sheeting works well as a drop cloth or to cover things in your home when you are painting a room. If you do not have the space to take everything out of the room and store it elsewhere, place all the furnishings into the middle of the room and put some light-weight plastic sheeting over them while you paint.

You can also put some plastic sheeting on the floor to cover rugs or hardwood that you do not want to get paint on. Use some painters tape to secure the plastic to the wall all the way around the room than when the job is done, remove the tape and throw the plastic sheeting away. 

Power Washing Your Home

If you are power washing the outside of your home and have flowers or bushes in beds near the house, covering them with some light-weight plastic sheeting can be a great way to protect the plants from damage. The soap and chemicals used in the power washing process are also not good for the plants, but the plastic sheeting will keep it off the leaves and plants until the job is complete. 

Use a clear light-weight plastic sheeting for this because black plastic can absorb heat and damage the plants under it. The clear sheeting can also cause temperatures under it to rise, but not nearly as high as black plastic can.

Winterizing Your Home

Light-weight plastic sheeting can be great for adding a barrier to areas around your home to keep the cold out during the winter months. If you have extremely old windows and leak air around them, adding a layer of plastic sheeting over the window and frame can help. 

The plastic should be stretched tight and secured in place with some wood strips to keep it from ripping. If you need to, you can add several layers to the windows to cut down on drafts and help hold the heat in.

You may also want to cover openings in the foundation or a basement door to keep the weather out. Putting plastic sheeting over a door or window does mean you can't use it, but the plastic is light enough to tear or cut if you needed to get through it in an emergency. Learn more about light duty plastic sheeting today.