Things to Consider When Deciding Where to Put Your Boiler

When you have finally settled on purchasing a boiler, one of the last decisions that you need to make is where you will have it installed. There are many factors that can influence where you ultimately decide to place it.

The Point-Of-Use

Ideally, you should place the boiler as near as possible to the area where it will be used the most. Proper placement will reduce the distance that the hot water needs to travel. However, if there is a part of your home where you have extra space, it might make more sense to place the boiler in this location. 

Handling Boiler Noise 

Boilers can generate some noise. Therefore, it makes sense to put the boiler in a location where it will not wake others up or where it will be less disruptive. It is most important to place the boiler far away from bedrooms, but it would also make sense to place the boiler far away from areas of the home that are used often, such as the living room. 

Freeing Up Space

If your home is very cramped, a great place to store the boiler is under the stairs. Also, if you are not using all of your attic, it might make sense to place the boiler up there. The basement is another common place. However, attics and basements might force the hot water to travel farther to the location where the hot water will be used.

Draining Condensate

Placing the boiler close to an internal drain can be a good choice because this will provide you with a location where the condensate can drain. You do not want the pipe to run outside because it will eventually freeze and cause problems for the boiler.

Handling Steam

Consider that the flue produces clouds of steam during cold weather. Therefore, you will not want the boiler to be put in a location where the clouds of steam will be unpleasant for your neighbors. One way to solve this problem is to place an extender on the flue so that the steam blows up and away. 

Handling Cold Weather

Try to avoid placing your boiler in a cold location, such as an unheated garage, because this can set off the thermostat and can cause the boiler to run constantly. This can cause the boiler to wear out sooner and also lead to higher operation costs. 

For help deciding where to install your boiler, talk to a professional boiler service in your area.