3 Things You Need To Know To Stay Safe Around An Rented Industrial Boiler

If your business needs to rent and use an industrial boiler for a period of time, you need to know how to respond to issues with the boilers and the steps you need to take to keep your employees safe while working on and around it.

#1 Always Wear Protective Clothing Around The Boiler

If you have any employees that need to work or service the boiler or work in close proximity to the broiler, you need to make sure that they have access to protective clothing and equipment. Any clothing item that is loose and could get caught on any component of the machine should not be worn around it, such as jewelry and loose clothing. When around an industrial broiler, your employees should be wearing hard hats, earplugs, and goggles. They should also have a respirator on to help them breathe near the boiler. Additionally, they should have on gloves that are made to withstand high temperatures as well as protective shoes.

#2 Keep Other Equipment Away From Boiler

You should keep other equipment away from your boiler. You don't want to use any rotating equipment around your boiler, such as a forklift. You also shouldn't use any mechanically automated devices near your boiler. You don't want any of these devices to gear off track and damage the boiler; this could cause a real disaster.

If you have any other machines operating in the vicinity of your renter boiler, make sure that you have all covers, shields, and guides in place to keep items from flying off the machine and hitting the boiler.

#3 Maintain A Clean Environment

Next, make sure that you maintain a clean environment around the boiler. You don't want there to be other debris flying through the air or in or around the boiler. You don't want dust and other particles to get caught in the boiler; it could damage the components and cause it to not work as effectively as possible. Try to keep a clean environment around the boiler to ensure that the boiler will be in great shape when you return the rental.

Finally, since this equipment is something that you renting, don't assume that your employees know how to operate around it. Hold a special training session with all of your employees and educate them in how to properly act, behave, and use the boiler if they interact with it. Talk to a rental company like Nationwide Boiler to learn more.