3 Supplies Needed To Properly Care For Your Deck

Having a wooden deck is an excellent addition to most structures. However, in order to keep your deck looking and functioning great, so that it will last you for a long time, you are going to want to do certain things to care for it. In order to care for it properly, you are going to need certain supplies. These supplies are going to make the task of caring for your deck much easier, and they are also going to allow you to do a lot of the care yourself. This article is going to discuss three decking supplies that are needed to properly care for your deck. 

Pressure Washer 

Over time, you are going to notice that your wooden deck is going to start get somewhat of a build up on it. This may include dirt, dust, bugs, food and drink spills, hard water, etc. Since this build up is going to be somewhat stuck onto your deck, it is going to be hard to wash off using a regular hose. Instead, you are going to want to consider purchasing or renting a pressure washer. A pressure washer is going to have the needed pressure behind the stream of water needed to remove the build up. You can set pressure to a setting that is going to remove the build up, without causing any damage to your deck. 

Deck Stain 

When your deck is initially installed, all of the wood is going to be stained in order to help preserve it. This stain helps to resist wear and tear and gives the deck a beautiful finished look. However, as time goes on, you are going to notice that this stain may begin to fade and come off in some areas. These areas are then going to be more prone to weathering and may become damaged more quickly. A great way to reduce, or even eliminate this issue, is to re-stain your deck before the old layer of stain becomes too thin. You can do this by simply buying the stain and the proper brushes needed to spread the stain around. 

Cleaners And Removers 

If you have certain spots on your deck that you just can't seem to get clean, then you may want to try a specialized cleaner or remover. There are certain cleaners that are made specifically for finished wood, that aren't going to cause harm to it. These are great for spot cleaning because you can buy them in smaller amounts and then use them as soon as you notice the stains.