Industrial Fiberscopes: What Can Break And What May Need Repair

Industrial fiberscopes are tiny little scoping instruments that see into the smallest and most awkward of spaces. They increase productivity by decreasing the amount of time that workers take apart engines and machines and then put them back together. However, these delicate scoping instruments frequently have repair issues of their own. This is due to the fact that they are so flexible and delicate. If you are considering purchasing an industrial fiberscope, but you want to know more about what parts break and the industrial fiberscope repairs you may need in the future, the following is provided.

The Control Switch

The control switch closely resembles a simple palm switch, except that it has a little turn dial on it for maneuvering and rotating the fiberscope. Because this control switch is only made of plastic, it can be cracked when dropped on concrete or cement, and it can break if extreme weight or pressure is applied (e.g., a very heavy adult steps on it by accident or it ends up in a crushing machine of some sort). The turn dial is the part that may break most often, simply because it is little and if you are not careful you could turn it too far.

The Scope's "Snake" Body

A fiberscope has a long, flexible, snake-like body. This is a definite perk when you need to maneuver it through the tightest and most awkward of spaces, but should the scope body get stuck and a worker pull really hard to get it out, it could break. With a diameter of only a few millimeters, it is not that difficult to imagine such damage occurring. A new scope body would have to replace the damaged one, or you might just decide to skip that completely in favor of buying a new scope.

The Scope's Camera Eye

Every industrial fiberscope, from an aviation borescope to a rigid borescope, has a camera eye. It is what allows you and other employees to see where your eyes and hands cannot go. It is incredibly sensitive and may easily break if caught between two hard services and cannot let go. Careless handling of the fiberscope, including hitting the camera eye against a table or other hard surface, will also cause the camera eye significant damage. Thankfully, the eye is easily replaced with a new, clear lens. It is not something you should take on yourself, but you should let an industrial fiberscope repair technician manage it.