3 Reasons To Keep A Heavy-Duty Tow Rope Set In Your Truck Toolbox

As the driver of a pickup truck, there are probably a lot of things that you keep in your tool box, from flashlights and batteries to certain screwdrivers, wrenches, and even jumper cables. However, there is one other thing that you should always keep on hand: heavy-duty tow ropes. Whether you ever expect to have to tow someone or not, these things can truly come in handy. Take a look at these big reasons every pickup truck driver should keep a good set of heavy-duty tow ropes in the toolbox of their vehicle. 

Be prepared during a flash flooding emergency. 

When flash flooding occurs, the streets and roadways can fill with water so quickly that you hardly have time to get yourself and your vehicle to a safe place. This can lead to getting into some pretty hairy predicaments as a driver. If water levels rise fast enough, your engine could stall and leave you in a scary situation. Having a good set of tow ropes in your tool box can give you that lifeline you will need so another driver can pull you out of floodwater. Likewise, if you run across another driver in the same situation, you may be able to help. If the tow ropes cannot be used to save the vehicle, they could easily be used to toss a life raft to a stranded person in an emergency situation. 

Save money on towing costs if necessary. 

Most vehicles can be towed short distances just with the use of heavy-duty tow straps. Therefore, if you break down in your vehicle just a few miles from home and know someone with a vehicle powerful enough to pull you, you can just use your tow ropes and save some money on towing service costs. Keep in mind that this is not something you should do on busy highways, but on a low-traffic rural road, having a buddy pull your vehicle back home can be fine in most cases. 

Help stranded drivers regain traction in the winter. 

When the snow and ice comes down, it can leave a lot of drivers in a situation where they cannot get their cars to move because their tires cannot adequately grip the pavement in certain areas. If you have towing straps on hand, you can hook up to these drivers and give them a gentle tug until their tires hit an area where they can regain traction and be on their way. Contact a business such as Omaha  Slings Inc for more information.