3 Tips For Installing A New Septic Tank

If you are constructing a home in an area with no municipal sewer system, then you will need a septic tank to handle your waste disposal needs. Installing a septic tank can be challenging, but you can avoid some serious problems in the future through careful planning prior to the installation.

Here are three tips to keep in mind as you plan for your new septic tank that will help ensure your tank is functional and convenient in the future.

1. Allow gravity to help your septic system perform properly.

You should carefully evaluate the topography of your property before determining where you will install your new septic tank. It can be beneficial to use the natural contours of your land to assist in the waste removal process.

By installing your new septic tank slightly downhill from your home, gravity can aid in the transport of water and waste through your home's plumbing and into the septic tank. A gravity-fed septic system will help eliminate clogs in the future.

2. Make sure your septic tank can easily be serviced in the future.

Since your septic tank will need regular pumping to avoid serious problems, you should take future maintenance into consideration when selecting the location for your new septic tank.

The trucks and other machinery used by septic professionals are extremely heavy. These pieces of equipment cannot be driven over any part of your septic system without causing serious damage. You need to ensure that your septic tank is easily accessible from the road or a private driveway to allow for regular pumping and routine maintenance in the future.

3. Make sure you invest in a tank that is larger than you think you will need.

Sizing your new septic system can be challenging. Since replacing a tank that is too small can be costly, it's best to invest in a tank that is larger than you think you will need. Be sure to factor in the potential growth of your family as well as your current waste removal needs when determining the size of the septic tank that will be best suited to meet your needs.

If you are planning to have more children or move your parents into your home, then these additional residents will place additional strain on your septic system. Investing in a larger tank ensures that you will be prepared to accommodate the growth of your family in the future.

Designing a new septic system can be challenging. To ensure that your septic system meets your needs well into the future, take the time to select a large tank that will be installed in an easily accessible area located downhill from your home.