Signs You Need To Repair Or Replace The Plant's Hot Tar Hose

Running an industrial plant is all about organization and safety. You want to make sure that all your equipment is operating as it should at all times for the protection of employees and safe production of gas, oil, or other factory work. A hot tar hose is a common industrial tool used to carry and distribute hot tar and asphalt for creating paved flooring or repairing parking lots, and when it begins to fail, operation can come to a halt quickly. Here are signs that you need to repair or replace your plant's hot tar hose.

Rips or holes 

This type of hose typically has a rubber coating over a mesh-like material that does not melt under the pressure of housing very hot and heavy materials. Over time, the hose may begin to tear or get holes in it, especially in areas where there are clamps. Clamps in spots where hoses are connected to a paver or to other hoses can dig into the surface and cause abrasion over time. Replacing clamps often to avoid over-tightening them can help reduce friction on these hoses. If you notice steam coming from the hoses or hot spots, even if you don't see any actual leaking, then you may be facing a worn hose issue. Repairs can be made in smaller areas, but for larger areas total hose replacement is best.

Uneven distribution

Hot tar and asphalt needs to be distributed in even lines in order to be most functional for the task at hand. It is the job of the hot tar hose to make sure there is an even flow of materials so operation can run smoothly. Kinks or worn areas in the hose can cause materials to come out too fast or in unsightly clumps which then have to be smoothed out. This makes production take longer and can put employees at risk of being sprayed by lodged materials attempting to be freed. Replace a hose that is not disposing of product evenly to avoid costly mistakes in asphalt or tar placement. It may be clogged with years of residue or have kinks and material bulges that are difficult to repair.

Before you replace your hot tar hose you want to check to see if your current hose is under a warranty. If it is, you may be able to have it repaired or replaced at no cost to your company. If not, compare industrial suppliers to one another to see which one can give you the best rate on new hose components.

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