Have A Constant Flooding Basement? Take Control

If your basement has flooded on more than one occasion and the sump pump you have isn't doing a good job to keep the water out, it's time to make an upgrade.  The water in your basement doesn't just damage the materials and belongings that you have in the space, but it also comprises the foundation and structural support of your home. Here are a few things to consider doing so flooding doesn't continue to be a problem in your home.

Order a New Pump

Order a new pump for your home so you don't have to stress if the pump is going to kick on or work fast enough. Look for a pump with the following features:

  • Battery backup system
  • Power to pump out double your square footage
  • Warranty
  • Alarm when overfilled

You want a pump that can work quickly to pump out your basement if there is a problem, and that will work if the power is out. All reliable pumps should also come with a warranty, and if water is going over the crock you want an alarm to sound. Contact a business like King Pump for more information about the right pumps for your home. 

Back Fill Around the House with Stone and Sand

If there is just soil around your home, you may want to consult with a foundation contractor about getting new backfill around the home. Having soil or sand that will stop water from getting through to the cement walls is very beneficial. They may also have some other tactics they want to try to stop water from leaking through to the foundation.

Seal and Insulate

The walls of the basement need to be sealed so moisture can't get through, and adding a layer of insulation can help. Spray foam insulation will be an additional barrier to stop water from coming through the walls, and it can stop your basement from getting wet when heavy rain falls.

These are just some of the things that you want to do when flooding is a problem, and these should help you keep water out of your living space. Talk with your homeowners insurance company to let them know that you've made changes and that your home isn't as likely to flood again to keep your rates down. You can make an effort and be successful at keeping the property dry, you just have to be sure that you take the action that's needed right away.